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CV Writing Services

Professional CV Services

As you move up the career ladder, your CV needs to be even more impressive to get you through the door for that job interview, our professional CV service can and does make the difference between winning and losing the career race.

CV services can and do vary- our professional CV service offers exceptional value for money and guarantee results. Our CV experts work for you.

The major difference between this CV service and our basic level service is the length of time that is needed to complete our discussions. Normally there is a lot more to show on your CV and therefore it all takes more time. Professional CV writing cannot be rushed.

We offer two levels within our professional CV Services, based on expected salary levels

Mid Range Professional CV Service- salaries between £22,000 p.a.
and £30,000 p.a.

Our Mid Range Professional CV Service costs £179 and is excellent value for money – please do not compare this price with cheap online CV services that are nothing more than a glorified word processing service

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To purchase, please click the Buy Now button above and follow the easy purchase procedure through Paypal. Google checkout is the payment solution from one of the most trusted names on the internet. This is completely secure and we do not keep any of your personal credit card or bank details. You do need a Paypal account to use this service, Paypal  is just the Payment gateway to keep your transaction details safe and secure.

We will write a CV individually for you. Every CV that we write is bespoke and personalized. We don’t work with off the shelf CV packages that make your CV the same as everyone else.

The job market is even more competitive right now and you must be sure to gain every competitive advantage possible. This is particularly true when you progress into middle management

Higher Level Professional CV Services for salaries over £30,000 p.a.

Our higher level CV service is £199 and is consistent with the level of expertise that is required to understand senior management career development and how to best tailor the CV to maximise your skills with proper remuneration. Clearly, the higher your salary level, the better the CV needs to be as the competition is greater and it is highly likely that there will be significantly more information needed as a consequence. Just click the Buy Now Button below and follow the simple, secure Paypal payment system:

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Professional Resume Writing

Many of our customers do not live or work in this country and are more used to the term professional resume writing as opposed to professional CV writing. There is in fact no difference between a CV and a resume. Sometime people think that a resume is a shortened form of the CV, perhaps occupying only a single page. This is not in fact the case. If someone is at the height of their career, the summary document that employers and recruiters will look at is still called a resume, regardless of how much information is actually on the document.

The time taken to obtain the correct information will involve an in-depth and detailed conversation of at least an hour consultation. Our expertise in asking the right questions and producing a high level CV for Directors, CEOs in the past will enable us to do the same for you

Our experience of writing CVs for senior management has resulted in successful career development and better financial packages being offered to our clients

To purchase your higher level professional CV, please follow the simple payment process by clicking the payment level button above. Professional CV services available from other companies will not offer you the same level or quality of professional CV writing that we provide.

All Professional CV services are not the same

We started the business in the first place as one of our colleagues was working on a contract basis for one of the larger CV writing companies. They were charging upwards of £500 to the customer, giving 25% commission to websites to carry their affiliate banner and then paying him £25 – £35 to interview and write the CV. Don’t get me wrong, he was happy with the work but to me it didn’t seem fair to either the customer or to him.

Of course we need to make a living; however we believe in fairness, to the customer, to our colleagues and don’t pay large commissions to websites to have our banners on their website.

Our Professional CV Services Guarantee

We guarantee that you will be interviewed after having your CV professionally written by us.

Having been writing CVs for many years and in business for the last three- we have written nearly 2,000 CVs for people just like you. To date, we have had to refund just one and a half CVs. The half was because our customer realised that they weren’t being fair- we knew from the very beginning that they were looking to get a refund in the first place but I guess it takes all sorts to make a world. We try hard to be fair to everyone and work with people to get our professional cv writing services right – nobody ever gets things right all the time.

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Professional CV Services get you noticed