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CV Writing Services

A Professional CV Service Second to None

A professional CV writing service gives you a significant advantage over your competition. Don’t be under any illusion- the career race is a competitive one and you need an advantage to get you through the door so you can impress that prospective employer.

We will get you interviewed!

Setting out on your career can be difficult but let’s face it, everyone has to get their first job at some point and truthfully, it isn’t difficult. It may seem like you are banging your head against a brick wall but we are here to help. Our CV or resume writing services get people that all important advantage and get people interviewed. many of our best successes have been recent graduates, people looking to get into their first role or perhaps into University. Take Nat, a delightful young client- her comments are quoted below:

“After being given an interview, I’ve been offered a place at Oxford University and am absolutely delighted! Your assistance was very much appreciated.”

We can’t make up claims like this- we wouldn’t lie in the first place and in any case, the UK trading standards people will check that we are telling the truth, this is real!

We define your basic or entry level CV as being appropriate for a salary up to £22,000 per annum

This service is also suitable for recent graduates who may not yet gained significant work experience and we may need to draw on other achievements you have gained in your life to make sure that an employer wants to interview you.

Our basic or entry level CV costs £129 and represents excellent value for money – please do not compare this price with cheap online CV services that are nothing more than a glorified word processing service. To purchase this service, please process the payment through the Buy Now Button below.

If you would prefer to pay through Paypal, Please click this link and follow the instructions

Resume Writing Services – Why Are They Important?

When starting out in work following school or if you need a graduate CV following graduation, some things are common to both these scenarios. In all likelihood, you may not have much work experience to show an employer and that can be a significant stumbling block. Through the interview process of creating your entry level or graduate CV, we will help to draw out of you those hidden nuggets of information that you may well have forgotten about.

Every CV that we write is bespoke and personalized to you. We don’t work with off the shelf CV packages that make your CV the same as everyone else. The job market is very competitive right now and you must be sure to gain every competitive advantage possible To purchase this CV online, please click Buy now button above or below. Follow the easy purchase procedure through Google checkout, one of the leading payment gateways on the internet from possibly the most trusted name on the internet. Google checkout is completely secure and we do not keep any of your personal credit card or bank details.  Please see our privacy policy for more details

If you would prefer to pay through Paypal, Please click this link and follow the instructions

Our CV Writing Service – How it all works

If you want to have your CV reviewed, please call us on 01656 880648 or email us your current CV as an attachment to success@cvthatworks.com Please send it in MS Word or similar and we will review it for free

We will call/ email you to discuss how we can help you and arrange to get your CV completed If you decide that you want us to complete a new CV for you at this stage, then we go through the process below we require payment if you want us to go ahead- please follow the purchase process Payment online is completely secure and done through Google checkout – you don’t need a Google account to do this, though.

Following payment, we will arrange for a telephone consultation at a time convenient to you. This will take about 30mins duration

We produce your draft CV for you to review and email it to you.

We encourage you to review your new CV and if any additional information needs to be added, please let us know by email. Once your completed CV is finished, we will make any adjustments necessary in the unlikely event that your new CV doesn’t get you the results you need

Professional CV Writing Services Success

If you visit our website testimonials page, you will see some videos recorded by many different people, some of who have had a graduate CV or entry level CV written by us for them.  We have been successful in getting people into post graduate courses, graduate schemes either in this country or abroad and have many successful testimonials from people happy to tell their own particular story. More professional CV writing Service options available here


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CV Writing Service- Starting Out

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We work hard to get your new CV right. Our CV writing service gets results