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CV Writing Services

Free CV Review By Video

How your Free CV review actually works:

Please email us your current CV as an attachment to success@cvthatworks.com

Please send it in MS Word or similar and we will review it for free

We will then call/email you as you wish to discuss how we can help you to improve your CV

We will also send you a free CV review using video , recorded whilst we review your CV- you will see what we are looking at and will be  able to hear our thoughts and observations through the eyes of a recruiter This is a free service and there is no obligation on you to buy anything from us at this or any other stage. If, however you do wish to purchase a CV from us then we detail below the process showing how we proceed from there

Why A Free CV Review with video?

We find that when people actually see their own CV being reviewed by a professional CV writer while they are actually reading it then very often the penny drops as to what exactly is wrong with their CV. We try hard to be objective when conducting the CV review – we are honest, tell people what is wrong, more importantly let people know how exactly they can put it right. If a CV is fine, we will say so, we are not critical for the sake of being critical, sometimes a change of tack is needed in terms of where the CV is being sent to does the trick.

The simple truth is that very often, people use friends and family to write their CVs and they just don’t have the heart to let them know that their work really isn’t up to scratch! In some cases, the worst examples of CVs that we have seen have been written by HR professionals- of course they look nice but often they aren’t written with a commercial focus and fall woefully short.

We promise that we will be as honest as we possibly can, let you know the good points and the bad, advise on how you can make the CV better and give you a thorough CV review.

Want to go ahead and get your CV written after your CV review?

If you wish to purchase a CV at this stage, we will require payment if you want us to go ahead, please complete your purchase online by clicking the add to cart button on either the BasicLevel (up to £22k salary) or Professional Level (over £22k) pages and follow the instructions

Alternatively, please contact us to arrange payment methods. Payment online is completely secure and done through Paypal or Google Checkout.

We will arrange to telephone you at a time convenient to you for a telephone consultation of an appropriate length for your level of CV . We produce your draft CV for you to review and email it to you

You review your new CV and we may need an additional conversation/ exchange of emails as necessary

Once your completed CV is finished, we will make any adjustments necessary in the unlikely event that your new CV doesn’t get you the results you need.

An Example CV Review

Once your completed CV is finished, we will make any adjustments necessary in the unlikely event that your new CV doesn’t get you the results you need.

Our guarantee is very simple – we guarantee that you will be interviewed after having your CV written by us

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Go ahead, email that CV over to us and we will send back a quality CV review as quickly as we possibly can.