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CV Writing Services

Cover Letter Writing Services

As well as offering professional CV writing services, we also offer professional Cover letter writing services, guaranteed to get results for you. We write professional Cover Letters for people that are guaranteed to get interviews when used alongside a professional CV.

Your cover letter is the first contact that an employer will have with you. A professional cover letter gives your application gravitas and you will immediately have your application taken seriously. You really only have that one chance to make a first impression. Make sure that you give yourself the best chance possible of success

Why Our Professional Cover Letter Writing Service?

Writing a cover letter is in many ways far more important that writing an excellent CV. Can you imagine the number of CVs that people get when they advertise a job nowadays? The truth is that most people simply won’t bother with a cover letter and that’s where a professional cover letter service can and does make all the difference in the world.

Most cover letters hurt your application, not help it

Having read hundreds of job applications and their associated cover letters, it is our personal experience that you can really harm your job prospects by having a poor cover letter. You have 20 seconds to make a solid impression and get your CV read. Make absolutely certain that you have the best chance possible to get an interview

Our Cover Letter Writing Services success rate is over 95%

We measure our success rate and have found over 4 years that on average 95.6% of our CVs and cover letters are successful. Most of our customers buy cover letters as well as CVs. We believe that this success rate is no accident. We will work with you for as long or short as it takes to ensure your CV and cover letter are equally successful

All CV and cover letter writing companies are not the same – many will simply churn out the same generic cover letter time after time and honestly don’t care if you succeed or not- they have the money in their pocket so why would they care about their cover letter service?

Most so called professional CV and cover letter writing services are nothing more than a glorified word processing service. They rely on volume and churn out factory type documents that simply do not get results. We take time to understand your career aspirations and tailor professional documents for you that will get results

To purchase our  cover letter service

Every cover letter we write is individual to you. We refuse to work with standardised templates that make you look like everyone else. To purchase this service, please click the add to cart button below and follow the simple instructions. This service costs £39

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Professional Cover Letter
Professional cover letter writing service includes one cover letter tailored for speculative or job application specific use.

We can also help you with an individual job application If you are applying for a specific job, we can help you. From helping you fill out an application form to understanding exactly what the employer is looking for, we can help you. Each job application is slightly different and your needs may well be different from anyone else.

Please call us on 01656 880648 or send an email to success@cvthatworks.com or contact details can be found on the contact us page. We look forward to being of service to you, through our cover letter service or indeed for any help in your job search.