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Our CV Affiliate Programme/ Resume Affiliate Program

Our resume affiliate program is perfect for recruiters, recruitment bloggers, Social Media specialists and indeed anyone who wants to earn some extra money.  Much of our business comes through word of  mouth – there really is no better way to do business

To thank you for recommending us to your friends or family, we will happily pay you 10% of the value of any business that we do through your recommendation

How to join our resume affiliate program

Simply ask your friend or family member to mention your name when they are enquiring/ placing your order and we will send you a cheque or money through Paypal for 10% of the business value.

Many people also make significant income through CV or resume affiliate programs. If you are a recruitment business, have an online presence such as a blog or even just a Facebook page, you can make money through our cv or resume affiliate program

Our CV or Resume Affiliate Program

We will shortly be customizing the look of the program to match the look of the rest of our site and producing tools for new affiliates such as banners, text links, etc

In the meantime, just sign up at our  cv or resume affiliate program sign up page and we will get straight in touch with you automatically. We pay 15% of the value of all purchases that are made through the website. We have a 90 day cookie tracking period

There is no cost to join and no pressure or targets to  meet – simply go to our cv or resume affiliate program sign up page and follow the simple instructions. Is this going to make you very rich? Perhaps so, perhaps not, it obviously depends on how much effort you actiually put in to promoting the resume affiliate program through your blog, Facebook page or website or indeed through other social media or web 2.0 properties like squidoo, etc.

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Money from resume affiliate program image

We promise that you will be supported as best as we possibly can and above all pay out all commission promptly so you can be sure to get the very best out of our CV or resume affiliate program.