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Our team of professional CV writers (CV Experts)

Our professional CV writers Get Results

Our aim is to work with you to achieve success through our professional CV writing service. We promise to work with you as your career progresses and guarantee our services to you, working with our team of professional CV writers.

Many of our competitors contract out their CV writing to poorly paid consultants who are paid poorly for the job when the parent company gets paid the bulk of the money.  We are a small, dedicated team of experienced business people who have recruitment, HR and general business knowledge. We have seen so many CVs that are good and many more that are awful, we know what works and what doesn’t. Are we CV experts? Maybe we are, perhaps our customers are the very best judge.

In today’s difficult employment market, your CV must stand out from all the rest or it will get binned. This is a  simple fact of life – everyone is more stressed and busier than ever before – employers who are in the fortunate position of being able to take people on are able to pick and choose

We have been writing CVs professionally for years

We have written CVs for people just like you for people from all walks of life – from Chief Executives through to people starting their careers; we have written CV’s for people in all types of industry sectors. Our track record is second to none, over 95% of our CV’s have gained people interviews – nobody is successful all the time.

Professional CV Writers Are Not All Created Equally

CV writers come in many shapes and sizes, from HR professionals who have recently been made redundant and think that becoming CV writers is an easy option as they know how to do it. The simple truth, however is that CV writers who are any good, only write professional CVs for a living- the others are generally filling in until they find something else to do with their time. Of course, there are always exceptions to any rule; however we speak as we find- choose your CV writers with care.

What level of job have we written CV’s for?

The answer is almost every one – 100s of different levels of job – some job titles are listed below:

Managing Directors, other Board Directors including finance, marketing, operations, sales, regional, principals, sales managers, telesales, field sales, sales management, physicians, practice managers, students, support managers, first second and third line support technicians and managers and supervisors. Manufacturing managers, operatives, charge hands, editors, doctors, cleaners, maintenance, electricians, plumbers, pastors, assistants, administrators, and of course hundreds more


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Glenn Hughes,  Owner

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