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We Help You to Earn What are Worth

Every One Of Our Customers (that we know about) Is Better Off Now We have Written Their CV

Most people don’t earn what they are worth- the simple reason is that they don’t have a great CV and the guts to get it in front of the right people. Our CVs are exceptional- we get people results, we get people interviewed and make more money when they get the job.

We provide all the tools you need to get interviewed and land a better job that pays more money

Doing a quick check through our past records and worked out that every single customer we have written a CV for is now in a better job (and earning more money) or in a better place (University Placement) than they were before they contacted us to write their CV for them. We are incredibly proud and humbled to have been a small part of their story.

Having a CV professionally written through our professional CV writing Service improves your chances of getting interviewed as you have less than 20 seconds (on average) to make an impression on the recruiter. We solve that problem by presenting in a professional manner the benefits that you have delivered for employers in the past and creating a professional CV that impresses recruiters immediately.

It is not cheating to have your CV professionally written. Have a look at our Video CV Testimonials that some of our previous customers have been kind enough to give us or look through some of our other testimonials on this and other pages on the website. Please remember that not many people will actually agree to go on video and give a testimonial so we are grateful for those that did.

“Hi Glen. Thank you ……………..I got the job. First job interview in 17 years” Sally-Anne, Cornwall

Professional CV Writing Services

The people who use our professional CV services understand that they need a competitive advantage over their job competition. We work with people for as long as it takes to be successful- no other company that we know of will do this to our knowledge- they all tie people up with stupid conditions and we will never do that, ever. We provide that hidden advantage so our professional CV services really do work out for people.

“Really good results through your writing,  4 interviews lined up – really happy.” Marlon A, London

We are so convinced that this will work for you that we are prepared to guarantee our work. Even in today’s tough employment climate, we guarantee that you will get interviewed after having your CV professionally written by us. Employers and recruiters are telling us more and more that they simply do not have the time to read fully every CV that lands on their desk or in their in box. Of course you could write your CV yourself, however if you are here, I guess you’ve already tried that option and it didn’t work.

“Confirmation received from Swansea University!! I’ve got into LAW!!!!!” Kiera P, Cardiff

Why not call on our free video CV review to have an appraisal of your current CV? We will record a short video highlighting exactly what is wrong with your CV. It is not cheating or in any way being dishonest to use professional CV services, you are simply stacking the odds in your favour. We will not lie or display information in a misleading way- we will, however showcase your talent in the best possible way.

Why We Get Results

We genuinely work with people to make absolutely certain that their CV stands out from everyone else by writing it professionally, cleanly, grammatically correct and beautifully presented (after all it is the only thing that an employer sees from which to make a serious decision). New site dedicated to our UK customers is under construction at: CV That Works UK   or:

“I’ve had two interviews, with one more coming up for the prison service” Luke M, London

Most so called professional CV services are nothing more than a glorified word processing service. They rely on volume and churn out factory type CVs that look the same and do not get results. We take time to understand your career aspirations and tailor a professional CV for you that will get results through our Professional CV Writing Services

We’re putting together a professional CV writing service site specifically for the UK- check it out please now it’s ready for visitors

Many of our Customers are not from The UK

“I really appreciate your kind efforts and work for tailoring my CV” Aamir, Switzerland

Many Executive CV Serviceof our customers do not speak English as a first language or have difficulties expressing themselves in writing through poor spelling, grammar or punctuation. Take your time and have a good look around the market. We know that we can help you to get that all important interview and more importantly are prepared to back that up.